Injury loves company…

My Leg: Hey Feet, you did not a good job of making this lady sit in one place with your nail thingy man…. she did go about on her vacation still didn’t she…

My Foot: Well Leg, you should have made her injury in the knee much worse and since you didn’t do a good job of it I had to pitch in and try my level best with her toe’s.

My Leg: Yeah well, it doesn’t matter, I did break her ankle though didn’t I, when she was trying to strain us with her vacationing. Hehe.. serves her well. That did make her sit down and not trouble us for at least two months.

My Foot: I don’t think she learnt her lesson man, she did walk around a lot even with that bandaged feet. I really hate her guts and stubbornness. Can’t she just keep quiet for some time and give us rest.

My Leg: What else can we do, we have done our best. Let us take the help of someone else now. Yo Spine…. you there ? Need your help man.

My Spine: Yeah buddy…what’s going on?

My Leg: Aren’t you stressed out with all the pressure that she is giving to walk around with her fractured ankle ? Why are you keeping quiet. She has been working us so much… We need rest man. Anything you can do ?

My Spine: Well, with her age, sure there is already some degeneration going on in her spine and all that sitting before the computer and working… She is eventually going to get some effect of all that stress she is putting on me.

My Leg: Is there any way you can pull up something and prepone some of it …you know …huh ? She is already had one or the other injury which we were taking care of. She wouldn’t feel too bad about it if it happens now.. she will just put the blame on the bad times

My Spine: Hmm…Well, yeah sure I can…it is eventually gonna come up…it doesn’t matter to me when. I can give her some scary times.

My Leg: Thanks Buddy…

My Spine: Sure.. all I can do for now is give her Spondylosis and put her to two to three weeks bed rest. Hopefully she will have some sense to take off from work too and not work remotely.

My Leg & My Foot: That is cool dude… more than enough. All we need is minimum of a week total rest. We won’t trouble you after that…. (whispers) hopefully.

My Spine: OK there you go…have started giving her the spasms in the back and the neck…rest will be taken care by the doctor who will scare her and put her to rest…See you all later then.

My Leg & My Foot: Yeah …bye..

This is how I imagined my different parts of the body discussing the various injuries. I came back just now from the doctor who confirmed the onset of Spondylosis and bed rest. I am so tired of these injuries. Years of work and stress is catching up to me now I think. God !!! when will this be over ?

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