Easy to break…

While discussing my health issue there came a comment on how easy it is to break something but how difficult and time consuming is the healing process. Suddenly that statement did not only represent my health , at least to me. It is so applicable to a whole other bunch too. Breaking a heart, breaking the trust … all of these doesn’t take much does it ? Breaking a bad habit is one exception I see. And how long and how much effort does it go into building any of these. I, for a fact know that it takes way too long for loving some one, unless that some one is a kid, and trust, well it is a known fact that I don’t trust easily even though I make sure that I am trustworthy.

Sorry if this feels like a rant. I am sleepy and tired, thanks to medication and physio , and yet somehow this statement made me think that our body heals faster than our hearts. Don’t you think so?

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