Student’s pet is that you?

When my niece came from school on Thursday she was very upset and kept asking everyone at home why her class teacher is going and when she will be back. We had no clue as to what she was talking about. When my sis-in-law checked with her teacher she found out that the class teacher is on leave for two days. And that she has clearly explained to my niece about it, because she refuses to get into the class if her class teacher isn’t there and doesn’t allow any other teacher who is replacing her to teach, by creating a ruckus. Whoa!!! I thought, what the hell. She is just almost 4. What does she really know about teaching and about showing favouritism to teachers? I thought it worked the other way, you know, teacher’s pet is that you?, that kind of thing. But this is just the opposite of that. Her teacher also said that she might have to be reminded about it in the morning so that she doesn’t get upset as soon as she enters the class.

The next day while getting ready for school her complaints started. She didn’t want to go to school because her class teacher wasn’t there. Her parents explained a little about how the teacher had some work and that a new teacher will take care today and all that and sent her to school much to her displeasure. And waited with abated breath on what the complaint would be from school. Thankfully, the other teacher handled her well enough today and she came saying that her class teacher’s work is done and that she will be back the next day. We know that she won’t be there on Monday too. And have to think of a way to explain her how to get along with other teachers as well whenever her class teacher is missing.

Teacher’s pride , parents envy….

Kids….always surprising..

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