Kalyaana Samayal Saadham – Modern Marriage

கல்யான சமயல் சாதம் – A Tamil romantic comedy about a very unique problem that a groom faces which could have been a little vulgar if not handled properly. Let me start by saying that it was handled very decently.

Spoiler Alert:

The introduction is very cute. About how a girl is seen by the various family members (right from the mom to the grand ma) , how she is groomed from the very early young age to get married to a good boy, which seems to be the only goal set according to the family members. Even though lot of things have changed in the modern world, there is still such beliefs that exists in a considerate section of the society. This story is about two TamBrahm (Tamil Brahmin) families. The boy and the girl meet in the girls house (after a search in a matrimonial site and approved by both the parents and the astrologers). The comedy starts when the boy wants to talk to the girl alone in a nearby coffee shop. The way the girl’s father reacts is hilarious (and that is what usually happens you know, they just don’t allow them both alone until things are finalized). Breaking the custom of ‘informing’ the girl’s parents about the boy’s opinion in a later date, the boy conveys his acceptance to the match then and there and asks the girl to consider him and let him know of her interest. The way girl considers various options and tries to postpone the marriage is something every one goes through (especially in an arranged marriage). Later when she accepts, they get to know each other in a matter of 8 months (through facebook, coffee shops, shopping expeditions etc etc). Then one day when their parents are not home they try to get to the next level (in novels, it will be described as a home run), because they are already betrothed by then. There comes the problem. As they show in the movie, the rocket doesn’t get launched. That becomes a matter of stress of both of them and unknown to their family they try ways to solve it (google, local doctor, movies etc etc…) of course with the very kind help of his friends who make the matter worse for him most of the time.

Almost near the intermissions, when he is considering pulling off the marriage so as to spare the girl from a unfruitful marriage, there enters the kind father in law who arranges the much required appointment with the doctor he has been trying to get hold of for almost a month. The boy is ashamed a little that his father in law is aware of his issues. But then the doctor attributes his issue to be the problem of stress and nothing else. Till then when both the boy and the girl are together in the times of need, the more the wedding nears, the more the other tensions crop up. The wedding hall which they had booked gets cancelled at the last minute, making them change the venue. And when the wedding processes starts, the relatives gathered up start their work on the parents of the groom. Suddenly the mother of the boy is afraid that the boy is leaning towards the girl and will leave his parents for good. So she becomes the drama queen and starts demanding unreasonably. These small issues which are in no way related to them, trigger a misunderstanding between the couple. And there comes the big fight the day before the wedding where words fly between them and the girl takes a dig at him with his inability and that creates a rift and they go to the verge of calling off the wedding. Then with the help of their friends they patch up and realize the suddenly they are confused as to what is happening in the wedding, because it is not about them anymore. Finally they resolve their differences and get together in a very dramatic way, putting their parents in a lurch to teach them a little lesson :). And well, after a good relaxing time, the rocket does get launched 😉

Generally, I wouldn’t go to theater for such movies. Some times the double meaning sentences put me off. But surprisingly this movie was done very decently and for a very untouched subject in a very funny way. This movie also gave me thoughts for some posts which will come up later in the next week, if I finally get to do it. There were some very predictable moments too. Like how the father of the bride was so understanding. I am not sure if there is such a father, who would give his daughter to another person knowing that there is a high chance that they might not give him a grand child. But miracles do happen ;).  There is a scene, where the girl is confused as to whether to say yes or no to the match and she asks her father to chose for her. He says one line to her. Irrespective of what your choice is, our relationship will never change. That was very sweet. Also the ending, well we all know that there will be a HEA (Happy Ever After) but it sure was funny. Have you ever been to a Tamil Brahmin Wedding ? It is a two / three day affair and its really really energy consuming , mostly for the couples. Too much ritual ceremonies and too much effort and too much drama. The way they showed how the couple get to know each other after the engagement in a whole series of Face book posts is very refreshing. The whole matter of 5 months gets shrunk in that one song. One complain though, if they really wanted to show a proper TamBrahm wedding, they could have very well done it, and not include Mehndi and other such rituals which are not a part of it. But then lot of rituals keep changing with changing times.

All in all, it was a refreshing movie with a refreshingly new theme, except for some dialogues which couldn’t have been avoided. It explains in a very subtle manner the difference between a wedding and a marriage.

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