Gabriel’s Redemption – All ends tied

Finally completed Gabriel’s Redemption today. Having read the first two, it is only fair that I complete the series, otherwise my head will explode. This is where the newly weds enter the phase called the honeymoon period. They both have their own baggage to carry and they have things to share too. How they wade through the muddled waters and find their own Paradise is what this story is all about. Spoiler Alert. As usual it is sprinkled with Dante through out.

They do hit a few speed bumps on the way in the form of Christa and Paul, where Christa is determined to seduce Gabriel back and Paul is expecting Julianne to come back to him. But Gabriel’s and Julianne’s love for each other and their willingness to ride out the rough weather saves them more than once, of course with the help of their families too. Christa finally meets her match in Katherine Picton, who literally destroys her dreams and puts a big full stop to her seduction process. Paul finally has his one on one with Gabriel and tries very hard to let Julianne go and eventually finds his Beatrice in Allison. Simon, the ex boyfriend of Julianne, meets his match in April Hudson and falls in love, only to have his dream destroyed because of Natalie and one Jack, who happens to be Julianne’s Uncle. The biggest shock for this couple is their interest in starting a family and its implications on Julianne’s studies. She panics that her hard work and effort would go waste if she goes the family way, but Gabriel, even though has his own problems with vasectomy reversal, is more than willing to let Julianne have her way, but fate or rather St. Francis has other plans for them and pregnancy just creeps on them, throwing them both in confusion and in Gabriel’s case, happiness too. The book has an HEA without any doubt, because he finds his paradise with not only his love but also his new hope, his daughter. The marital bliss, the getting to know more, the frequent fights, the shut downs, the make up, even though these weren’t as intense as the first two, it had its own intensity. It is not that one makes mistake and the other is always correct. Both of them have their own share of troubles, and growing up. Finally Gabriel also finds enough about his birth parents and lets go of his demons, as does Julianne. Did they both read the list, because I kept remembering a few things from it while going through the novel ;). The best part of this series, is the parallels and references to a popular literature and applying it to a love story, and it was done very well at that.

The author says that the book was supposed to be ending with Gabriel’s Rapture, but then it went on to the third book. Even I had the same feeling, but now after reading this, I felt that it was good to have all the ends tied up and with a new chapter beginning in Gabriel and Julianne’s life, this feels like a proper ending to the series.

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