The Hobbit Part 2

The Desolation of Smaug: Watched the second series in the ‘The Hobbit’ Trilogy the other day. I thought that watching part 2 before part 1 wasn’t a wise move, but no big regrets. With a few hints from my friends, the story fell in place and of course after that I came and saw the part 1 (The Unexpected Journey) to fill in the other gaps.

I get bored by the > 2.5 hour movies that are made in India, but at least they have songs and dances in between for half an hour. Why are English movies being made of that length now ? And more over, why is a small book made into a three series movie ? Making hay while the sun shines huh!!! I should say that it would have been great if the movie was single one even if it runs for 3 hrs. With all the visual effects and stuff that goes into this kind of movie, it would have  been something.

I don’t think the 2nd movie had anything significant than the first in terms of action series (except may be there was this dragon fight  or the fight in the city of Dale in the waters). And yes they almost , almost captured the dragon. The forest where the spiders come at them, Baggins using his ring to save them in more than one situation, the fight against the dark, the usual ones. My friend said that the romance that is shown between Killi and Tauriel wasn’t there in the book. Why did they add it then ? I see that the couple were cute, but that doesn’t mean they can extend the movie to add a romance in between. My favorite part of the movie, the visual effects. That too in 3D some places were too good. I especially don’t like 3D movies, because it gives me the headache on wearing that glass. But this one spared me that. Or may be because it was the normal 3D and not the IMAX one (where the glasses are heavy). They are just stunning. The background music in some places were too good. The lengthy dialogue between Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman, oops sorry Dragon Smaug and Bilbo Baggins, was that to make use of their Sherlock Holmes popularity 😉 ? I was  wondering who was Thorin…it was that guy Richard Armitage from North and South (BBC Series). He has a very good voice just like Benedict Cumberbatch.

I haven’t read the book so I don’t know how much of a deviation has been there, but from what I hear there are too many. And I hope the last one is little less lengthier. Having watched the first two and even complaining about it a bit, I would still go with the third one, only because I have this inane urge to complete a series once started. The only saving grace for me for this movie were the locations, visual effects and sound .

8 thoughts on “The Hobbit Part 2”

  1. Not being a fan of these genres,went to the movie against my will .Watched in 3 D ,movie gave me a headache ,not really because of 3 D but having no precursor of the story (not watched any of the parts/read the book) felt lost and ultimately left the movie halfway.


    1. He he.. you should have taken someone who has seen the first movie atleast, with you or if you have seen the Lord of the Rings (even the part 1) you would have understood a little bit of it.


  2. I have read the book. It was actually the first novel that I read to my son when he was little. The movie comes out on Boxing Day each year here. We went last year and also this year.
    Thoroughly enjoyed the first one, very true to the book. Really enjoyed the visual effects and 3D in the second one, but also noted a few deviations from the book. It is an epic journey, but my son and I think they could have easily covered it in 2 movies.
    Did you like the first or second movie more?


      1. You should read it 🙂 It is actually an easy and enjoyable read. It was written by Tolkien as a childrens book, aimed more at the younger audience than the LOTR series, which makes it kind of fun to read.
        There are a LOT of characters and you get to know all the dwarfs and it sets you up for what follows in LOTR quite nicely.


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