A Car a day ….

My nephew (sister’s kid) is in town since New Year. As you already know, he is fond of cars, so very much. I now know how he got all those 50+ cars at his home.

He needs to buy a car a day. The first day he got MaterIMG_0383-2

and the next day he got not one by two cars, he sort of took it by himself and went to the billing section πŸ™‚


And he wasn’t ready for any compromise to have only one car that day. So the next day we cancelled the purchase of any car. And today he started that he needed a jeep right from the moment he opened his eyes.

I am wondering how to cure this kid of his infatuationΒ πŸ˜•

According to this fellow,

a car a day keeps his boredom at bay !!!!


a car a day keeps this guy happy and gay!!!!

I wonder how many cars he is gonna take with him when he goes back Β or if he is leaving them here, then I would have to start a “Car Toys R Us” locally to sell them off.

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9 thoughts on “A Car a day ….”

    1. Happy New Year to you too πŸ™‚
      All I have been doing is driving him around especially over fly overs every single day. I hope I don’t get pulled over due to suspicion. I haven’t tried the traffic thing. But that would moderate my driving isn’t? Will it also cure him πŸ˜‰


    1. πŸ™‚ There are too many boxes lying around in my sister’s place and now I think I will have one around too, just for his visits.


  1. It just gets worse. My grandson loves cars and trains. Seeing he’s on approach to 4 years old and wrapping up the terrible twos as best as my daughter and I can figure, he’s now learning ‘no, we can’t buy that today’ and ‘please let go, it has to stay in the store’… He doesn’t go for it.

    Being a seasoned professional I’m not the least bit flustered by this behavior rearing its head or how loud he screams, but my daughter is taken aback on occasion. They were taking a little too long getting back from the market a couple of days ago so I called and she answered totally exasperated, “where are you guys’, “still at the store! he won’t put the train back!” I idiotically said “what train” but I got the picture as she exhaled frustration and hung up. She must’ve used it as a way to get him to put it back on the shelf – they got home five-ish minutes later.

    He’s got an awesome collection. We just got an Angry Birds Matchbox Car that came with a race track, and my daughter saw a Matchbox Alpha Romeo. “Sylas, you need to have this.” I asked if there were any Lamborghinis.

    Good times…


    1. Oh my God !!!!! I think I have warn my sister πŸ™‚
      Today he was adamant that we should go and buy a jeep. We took him to a park instead. One day purchase averted. We sort of high fived ourselves. Wonder what we are going to do tomorrow. He manipulates by crying and seeing him with those tears, my heart goes out to him. It sure is fun with them even when they make me lose my hair quite quickly πŸ˜‰


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