Circle of events

I always loved people gazing or watching. Its a fun thing to do, especially when you are used to going alone or when you feel alone even among a group. The most fun I have had till now in my life with it was in Las Vegas.  Yeah, I know that people don’t go to Vegas for that, but trust me, for a person who went alone to Vegas and who doesn’t party or try the luck in the slot machines or in Casinos, the best way to enjoy is watching people. I really had fun there. The second place that would rate in my list is Hyde Park in London. It is an amazing place to see so many people especially during the lunch times. I spent almost 2-3 hours just roaming around and watching people of various kinds and ages 🙂

Today we took my nephew to a park today and it was much bigger than the one we went yesterday.The one we went yesterday was very small and was specifically for kids.  This was a lot bigger with places for people to walk around. So I let him and his mother enjoy the play area and I went on to do what I usually do. I don’t like walking in the park. Somehow I have an aversion to walking unless I have a very good company, which I haven’t had till now. So I was sitting in the cement bench and looking around starting anti clock wise.

There were this 2 grand-daughters with their grandma talking about some family issues with four hands flaying and making fun and laughing around. Then there was this  lady (must be around 40 I guess) who had just completed her power walk and was relaxing with her ear buds on. There were this middle aged couple cuddling in a bench and talking to each other as if there were in a small bubble with nothing else around. There was the single middle aged guy who was seriously browsing something on his phone as if the whole world’s future or the next day depended on it. And there were this four member family who were talking about something but nothing serious I think. Must have been some talks about how things went on the kids school and at work etc. That is what I assumed from their faces. There were these young chaps who were doing their power walk cum jogging. And some old guys too. There were three very old women who were complaining about something very loudly (wasn’t sure if it was about their daughter in laws 😉 because that is something I always hear).  There were this young woman with her son who was talking about what he wanted to play today and saying something else (in a different language which I didn’t understand when they passed by me). Two kids playing shuttle. A cute girl who was posing with a flower in her hand for her father, who was clicking and clicking away. Two cop like guys taking their dog for a walk.

And finally, there was this very old grandpa who was looking around just like me , focusing on each and every one around and finally his focus landed on me and I could see that he was wondering the same thing I was. “Another people watcher huh ?” 😉

Marking this as part of JustJoJan too.

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