No more Twitter

I created an account in Twitter  because I wanted to see how that would work with WP and also used it for my Photo blogging challenge by Travel Supermarket. In the long run, honestly I found it a little bit of an extra task for me to continue. Because I am not a socially active person. That is the main reason I don’t have an account in Facebook too. I wanted to try how the sharing via Twitter works and that is why I created it. I cannot go beyond the blog posts to post something or follow someone in Twitter or find out what they say or respond even. I think I am too old fashioned for that or may be I just don’t have that kind of interest now. I don’t know if I will develop some sort of interest later , but for now, I will stick with the blog posts. So, I have disabled the twitter sharing option and removed the Twitter widget too.

Once that was done, I felt like an unnecessary burden removed from my shoulder. Weird, how a small thing as having an Twitter account can makes me feel like I have an additional responsibility 😉

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