In the end…..

Since I was coming to visit my parents (and my brother, since they live together) I had some apps for the kids downloaded in my iPad (the first thing they ask me when I land is ‘athai…where is your iPad’). I love telling stories to them, of course, I do tell them the ones I know of. I cannot make up stories ever. So I downloaded some Disney story telling stuff, where they have this Toy Story, Tangled and a few more free ones. I have the technology so why not use it to tell them the stories using pictures and all.

I love the movie Tangled and that always scores high than the Toy Story (very obvious 😉 ). But one thing eluded me… In that story process, they kept everything almost the same (sans the love angle). But they did show this.


But at the end, the poor guy got left behind

IMG_1256In the whole story Rapunzel (even the iPad app one) goes along with the guy and in the end they left him wondering what he did that he got left out of that final hug. I know that it was for the kids, but then what was the point of the previous scene ? My niece asked ‘why he was standing alone looking all sad  ? ‘ At least they could have made him look happier or smiling (that guy had a good smile in the movie 😉 )…

I remembered these lines from Linkin Park’s song ‘In the End’ when I saw the last scene 😉

“I tried so hard
And got so far
But in the end
It doesn’t even matter”



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