Distance makes the heart go…

Suddenly I hear so much sickness and sad things around me happening to people I care, my health issues seems now like a walk in the park for me. And the worse part is it is nothing light. If it isn’t a stage 1 cancer, it’s an accident by hitting a lorry or otherwise an overgrown fibroid or a full blown hypo-manic episode (the first time I am ever hearing of it, let alone seeing it too close to my comfort, but I was glad the way I handled it). I was chatting with a long time friend, after a long time actually and she was mentioning how she got almost depressed by hearing only sad things on the home front (she is in a far far away country and her parents and other family are here) every time she spoke to them and unless she came here recently and visited them first hand she never felt at peace. I could understand her feelings. I am here, close to them, but even then, all I could is to let them know I am there close by and they have my full support in all ways possible, either emotional or physical, not to mention my wishes and prayers that things go back to normal and to give them the strength to handle this situation, apart from the ones that we could provide. If I was away, I would have gone crazy not knowing exactly what had actually happened & what each one is going through. Sometimes the distance also makes the heart grow crazier too.

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