Blank – Colorful in Content

While I was checking out movies in Google Play I came across this movie or rather a short movie by Disney called ‘Blank‘.  It is currently free and runs for only 37 mins. But it needs flash though.

It is an interesting concept. No dialogues. And as a matter of fact, the main characters are blank. Literally. They don’t have enough to do the expressions. But even without those, they conveyed the message very brilliantly. Who needs voices, who needs expressive faces, who needs a complex story. Even with a simple story, non expressive face, with no voice except for the music, they have told a very beautiful story of love, of hope , of determination, of friendship and of color. The color of life, of destiny.

I don’t want to explain to spoil some scenes which are very cute. First, do watch the trailer.

Each of our experiences leaves its own color on us. Some event / experiences makes us ‘Red’ (anger, frustration, rage), some leave us ‘Blue’ (melancholic, serene, calm), some makes us ‘Yellow’ (emotional), some makes us ‘White’ (pure) etc.

Watch it, its worth it. We don’t have to belong to an existing group, we can always create one of our own, only if we believe 🙂

2 thoughts on “Blank – Colorful in Content”

  1. Sounds interesting! I’m always looking for things for my Deaf son to watch, and something without dialogue might be just the thing. I’ll check it out – thanks for the recommendation.


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