Steve’s Music Mix – This Is Some Scary S…

This week’s Steve’s Music Mix Q&A

This time yesterday I was…?   Scream – Usher

I was screaming, yeah, literally, because I had to work on a Sunday.

This time tomorrow I will be…? Who you are – Jessie J

Oh crap!!! As much as it is fun, sometimes I don’t even get what it means. Hmmm.. I will be true to who I am not only tomorrow but for ever (hope this passes off as a decent answer)

This time next year I will be…?  Wide Awake – Katy Perry

Really!!! (makes some exasperated  noise) At times the shuffle brings up some weird stuff… I am already wide awake ain’t I ?, but may be I will be “Wide Awake” with respect to something new in my life next year. Let me wait and see.

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