The God Of Dance

A brief intro before I post the movie link.

I love Lord Shiva among all the 10,000+ Gods that we have in Hinduism. And his famous Cosmic Dance led him to CERN even 😉

Quoting from the  ‘Experience Hinduism

This cosmic dance of Shiva is called Anandatandava, meaning the Dance of Bliss, and symbolizes the cosmic cycles of creation and destruction, as well as the daily rhythm of birth and death. The dance is a pictorial allegory of the five principle manifestations of eternal energy:

  • Shrishti – Creation.
  • Sthiti – State, or preservation.
  • Samhara – Destruction.
  • Tirobhava – Illusion.
  • Anugraha – Release, Emancipation.

In the form of Nataraja, Shiva depicts all of these elements.

So yes, it means a lot to us Hindu’s and especially to me as a devotee of Shiva. But this short film that I saw had me in splits because of its imagination and creativity. I hope people see it for what it is and not get offended 😀

14 thoughts on “The God Of Dance

  1. At the very onset of your post ‘ I love Lord Shiva among all the 10,000+ Gods that we have in Hinduism’ I knew I was in for a laughable treat. How right I was. ….

    The idea of One God is hard for most to digest and yet Hinduism you ‘suggest’, speaks of 10k plus. I think you will be hard pressed to find a single verse supporting this preposterous statement.

    Coming now to what you refer to as the ‘short film’, which in reality is nothing more than a fancy play of computer animation , how could anyone not take offence to Shiva (you’re favourite God) dancing in all his glory yet limited to the form of the statue, reinforcing the misinterpreted ideology of Hinduism that God’s are nothing more than walking, talking statues.

    Blasphemous and Idiotic to say the least.


    1. My attempt at humor has definitely failed. I think I will think twice before attempting it. 🙂

      I found the video or the short film or the computer play to be highly imaginative and the only reason I chose to include a few words about the Lord was to give a context. You say idiotic , I say Imaginative. To each our own.


      1. When I said idiotic I was referring to the video rather than what you wrote so I apologise if I caused any offence. I do still find the video blasphemous however as my personal beliefs cannot tolerate idol worship of any kind. And this video not only promotes the said act but also suggests that is all a God can be.


  2. I prefer Vishnu’s avatars (especially Narashima) to Shiva’s, but Lord Shiva himself has always been my favorite. I’m not Hindu or Indian, so my opinion is based solely on visual appeal. Very interesting video.


    1. I really appreciate you saying that and it makes me very happy to hear it 🙂
      FYI: Shiva and Vishu are supposed to be brother in laws. So its all in one family and good looks run in theirs 🙂


      1. It does intrigue me that Shiva’s avatars keep Vishnu’s in check, especially since many Westerners misinterpret his role as “The Destroyer” to mean that he is evil.


        1. Actually three of them share the duties. Brahma – Creator, Vishnu – Protector , Shiva – Destroyer. Easy to track the duties you see. And since Shiva is said to live in Graveyard and Cemeteries makes him sort of a intriguing and scary fellow. But he is also shown in the form of Lingam with no start or end, which Brahma and Vishnu fail to find. Also he is the one who has a huge secret to his name and form which is in sync with the concept of creation (

          According to me, he is represented with more human qualities than any other God. He is easily pacified, easily convinced, has short temper etc, in short, he has a passion for everything.


          1. I was aware that Brahma was Creator and Vishnu Protector. The somewhat creepy aspect of Shiva is exactly why I like him. It is interesting that he carries a trident, which in the West is only associated with Poseidon and Satan.


              1. Yeah in the West it’s only Poseidon and Satan who wield one, and many scholars believe that Satan is only shown with a trident to demonize Posiedon (along with being red which demonized Ra and having horns which demonizes Pan and Baal.)


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