Yogic Pain

I joined a yoga class after contemplating a lot and trying it slowly at home where I failed miserably as usual to continue it religiously in a disciplined fashion and not to mention the constant pestering of my friend (a health freak I should add) who made it a point to scare me that the less fit I was , the less I am going to enjoy my vacation (it involves a lot of walking and may be little bit of hiking, seeing that he has planned it… Villain!) . I was prohibited to any heavy duty exercising after the series of injuries and its after effects. So I had this discussion with my Yoga teacher and she was like, ‘you know what, listen to what your body says and any discomfort stop and reflect and take it slow’. I knew from my earlier experiences with Aerobics that the first day isn’t the bad day, the 2nd day is the worse. Because you body tries to think that you will give it up after day one and with slight pain. But when you push it more, it sort of retaliates and gets angry and causes ‘do you really know what you are doing’ sort of pain. And I did use pain killers at that time. This time, I don’t know why I was adamant to see it through. Today, after the strenuous exercises yesterday, I feel that yogic pain (the pain I got  after aerobics / zumba is different from the pain I am getting from strenuous yoga , try it to figure it out 😉 ) in all places (not an inch left), so much that I couldn’t have a peaceful sleep and hence I had to do work from home because I couldn’t move myself up from the bed. God, the things we do in the getting-old age to be fit and healthy. Why can’t it be that I think about it (exercising) very hard and the body (sort of) realizes that I have done it and I get the effects of it 😦 Life is not that easy and fair is it ? It is going to be a painful first week until I get used to that pain or at least until the body realizes that I am not giving it up and it gets accustomed to it and stretches and relaxes at my command. But I definitely hope that this helps me build my body strength and flexibility (even if it is a little late in my life) and hence less prone to injuries. I am prepping myself with the famous words ‘No Pain , No Gain’ as I prepare myself to go to my class today evening. 

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