Its been so long

since I slept this well in a training session or a class or feel like it after a training session. God!!! I am unable to keep my opens now, even with all the stretch that I did after Yoga. During shavasana I almost zzzz’ed off. I used to be a very good student, you know, sitting in the first bench, irrespective of being the tallest in the class, taking notes, full concentration, ready with answers (but never speaking out, I would do that in my mind). But now, just one look at the trainer and the projector and I start yawning off. Especially after the lunch (in fact it was a very light lunch today), I just couldn’t hold it back. And I had to sit near the projector because I went in late (damn traffic). Tomorrow I am planning to get in half ย an hour early, even if I have to skip my breakfast and grab a seat at the last row, where, if I really am feeling like it, I can doze off for a while. It could have the trainer’s fault too, because it wasn’t very creative. The topic was very much about design and stuff on a technology I have worked but I wanted to know some in depth details if possible and to see if it might help my work, but most of the time the trainer was letting everyone else answer the questions. In fact this guy is one of the prominent people in that technology and has quite a few blogs to his name. I realized even within the first hour that he will be much faster writing/typing down the answers rather than teach a big group. Some people who are technically very very competent don’t have the capability to teach in an interesting way. I saw this with one of my lecturers in my post-graduation too. He really could have done an excellent job if they had planned it well with lot of interaction because the course demanded some level of experience among the attendees. Whatever! I have to endure it for 3 more days.

3 thoughts on “Its been so long”

  1. […] heavy traffic exactly 2 mins before the start and catch hold of a seat at the back (just as I told yesterday) and what happens ? I am as awake as the sun. WTH!!!! I wanted to sleep or feel sleepy but nope and […]


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