Pop goes the balloon

Irony plays a very huge role in our lives isn’t. Today I rush to the training even after a heavy traffic exactly 2 mins before the start and catch hold of a seat at the back (just as I told yesterday) and what happens ? I am as awake as the sun. WTH!!!! I wanted to sleep or feel sleepy but nope and that is definitely not because of the trainer. It was because I was multi tasking with my work in between and concentrated on the specific topics which I could use help with. Well actually the post is not about that. Sorry got digressed a bit here  (am feeling slightly sleepy now) . So yeah, after the fully awake session, came to my yoga class only to be half an hour early. Slowly the other participants started coming in. Usually I am not the conversation starter and that didn’t change even today. This is how it went.

Woman1: (Looking at me) Are you an athlete by any chance ? 

[Background music: ‘clap along if you feel….’ by Pharell William – Happy song , starts to play in my head

Imaginative scene: A Balloon full of happiness being blown ] 

Me: Nope. (out of pure vanity I ask the next thing , I am allowed that once in a while aren’t I ?) Why do you ask ?

Woman1: Your height and your frame, I thought you were an athlete by profession

[Volume of the music in my head increases and so does the balloon’s size]

Me: Ah! Thanks , but no. I am just a software engineer.

Woman1: Me too, (then we find out we are from the same company , different departments, different buildings and we being women, the topic shifts to health)…..I am just waiting to get to 30 (age that is), so that I can do a master health checkup for women with mammogram and other cancer related tests.

Me: Yeah. I have been meaning to , but keep postponing it. 

[Volume of the music slows down because she told me her age as part of that conversation, but still the balloon was blown enough to float happily]

blah…blah …blah (and others arrive)

Guy1: Hey you know what, I finished my first exam in my undergraduation college and tomorrow I have another exam.

Woman2: Wow…college days…they seem so far naa..

Woman3: When did you pass out from college?

Woman2: 2006 yaa.. its been soooo many years…

Woman3: What.. you are that old?? Wow.. I cannot say that looking at you

[Pop goes the Balloon!!!! and the song slowly fades to another one by Asaf Avidan… One day…]

Woman1: Yeah… you look like might be still in college. 

Woman2: Wow..thank you..

(I am already closing my eyes, and trying to tune out everyone by then and since I cannot close my ears physically, I imagine turning it everywhere else other than this discussion…but no such luck..I was never, ever good at meditation and another reason is I don’t want them to look at me by chance and ask me my age, I cannot say that I am waaaaayyyy toooo old for them now after having that happy happy moment now , can I ? sigh )

Instructor arrives, thankfully, and session dismissed and class commenced. 

[I throw away the pieces of the balloon and switch off the music and get back to reality] 

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