Yogic Emotions

It is always nice to receive some simple and little information about what we do and how it will help us in our perception of things, like the yoga. I would have dozed off just like I did in my training session if there was a session on the yogic benefits etc etc. But if they give me the same quality information in small quantities with respect to the actual yoga postures that we do for the day, well it becomes an interesting thing.

Today we were doing postures for the spine. Some of us were comfortable with the backward bend postures, not all of them from that link, only a few of them. So while trying to do the camel pose and the bridge pose, she asked us to go to a level that was only comfortable for us. I am so not good with backward bends. Somehow there is always a stiffness and I cannot seem to bend more than half way of it. So it was like half of camel pose. Once we were done, she asked us to stay back to tell us that if a few of us feel a little funny or sad or any typically strong emotions then we should just let it be. Because it seems that when we do these backward bend poses, we sort of release a lot of emotion from our body with it. She also said a strange thing. People who are introverted do not find it easy in them to do the backward poses. Whereas those who are extroverted can do it so lightly. No wonder I was finding myself half way with the bend. Thank God that just wasn’t me alone. So when I came back home, I was trying to read something on how the yoga will affect our emotions. This is one angle I have never thought of it. I know yoga relaxes your mind, but to trigger emotions and the association between specific poses and different emotions was sort of new to me. Here is one article I found about it. This is what it says about backward bending.

Backward bending asanas are connected with the attitude of embracing life, facing life and all its challenges. On another level some people are known to bend over backward for other people, to allow others to walk over them. Many times these people find the backbends easier. Those who find them more difficult can be afraid to face life and what it brings and can be associated with various fears. There is also what is known as psychic stiffness and this is broken down with the practice of back bends which help to change and remould the personality and the conditionings of the mind. On another level one who has had their heart broken or is very shy may naturally hunch their shoulders and cover their heart, particularly very tall people who may have been teased in school. Backward bends and standing poses can be very confronting, exposing and bring many things up.

Gee, talk about being close to the point. Now I will be wondering how my attitude or stiffness changes once I relax into the backward bends. Hmmm…

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