Find the human ?


Saw a lot of street performances and busks in Spain. This one was a little tricky. We were trying to find out which one was human or if both were and we were checking  for a long time and almost gave up but finally I got to see it just by fluke.

So here is the question. Which one do you think among the two is human ?


10 thoughts on “Find the human ?”

              1. If you search under Madrid it is there but the title of post is companionable and it has huskies as the fist shot- confusing I know! Also make sure it’s my photography blog @vannilla and not my baking blog. 🙂


    1. The funny thing is I saw only the person on the right move, but @Vanillarock has seen the same set and has a post on them. So yes, looks like it’s both 🙂


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