Steve’s Music Mix: The Good Will Out

Its been three weeks since I took part. So coming back to the game :).

Here is this week’s Steve’s Music Mix questions.

I am so bad at…?   Play it again – Luke Bryan

Hmmm.. I am so bad at spontaneity. Even if I liked a song like that, I won’t be asking someone to dance with me on the spot. 

I am so good at…?  Changes – Faul & Wad Ad vs Pnau

Yeah, I am so good at changes, even though I don’t go looking for them. 

I want to be good at…? Bottoms up – Brantley Gilbert

I really want to be good at bottoms up. In the recent trip, I realized how light weight I am to alcohol. One cup of Sangria and I am buzzed/tipsy or whatever. Because I never hold my drink. I want to be good at that. 

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