Justice and Punishment

I guess I will be watching more of short movies this week, in between my hectic work to relax myself, since I don’t have time for 2+ hour long movies. So here is one another for today.

What is the difference between Justice and Punishment ? Check out the ‘The Punisher: #Dirty Laundry‘ short film. But one word of warning: Has brutal violence scenes in it with blood splattering everywhere and all.

I am not much into games or comic heroes so I didn’t know about the Punisher series before I saw this short film. But if they have such short films on it, I would love to watch it. It always gives me peace to see that the guilty is punished and justice is served. But yeah, you must like that kind of heroic characters for that. And I like them just fine.

One question though: Is Jack Daniels whiskey bottle that strong ?

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