What on earth week !!!!

OK, so everyone is celebrating Earth Week this week right ? My organization is celebrating the Earth week this week, so as part of it there are few things that will be done to save the carbon footprint. That is all good with me. I am so happy about it all. But they forgot a few things actually.

So as part of it, they switch off the lights for an hour or so during the peak lunch time. So the whole work place is plunged into darkness except for the blinks of the computers and people like me who are still in their conference call till almost the end of lunch time. That is also fine, I often work with dim lights. But switching off the lights in the washrooms is a little bit too much. Well, I do know where the things are at but still it is too dark in there. We should atleast have that dim light there. What is the point of having that dim light in the hand wash area and not in the actual rooms? And no , it is not a stall, it is actually a fully closed room out here.

And today while coming out of the wash room there is a turn to come to my work place. That turn always is risky because it is in a 90 degree angle and people from both sides can’t see the other until they bump on each other. I usually walk a little faster in that section with a wide angle given for people coming in (like we do in driving right?). But today unfortunately, I almost ran into another guy who was walking merrily on his way. I am not a screamer. I hardly scream even when you do boo at me but I gasp. So I sort of gasped, which sort of echoed because the whole place was empty (yeah , every one had been away for lunch and I had just finished a conference call). This guy , who had just crossed me and we both missed each other by an inch, got really scared , jumped around a bit and yelped. I couldn’t help but laugh out (couldn’t suppress it even with all the effort I put) and said Sorry and came away from that place. Thank God, it is the end of the week already because seriously I don’t like playing peek a boo or scare the human game in office especially on an empty stomach after a extended conference call where my brain cells are already fired.

Hope next time, they invent some better ideas to implement for Earth week or at least put on the dim lights in these kind of intersections.

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