Not your doll

Since my nieces and nephew are here, I get to hear some interesting conversations that happen between them. They have all started to talk well and in complete understandable sentences now. So their communication within one another has improved. Here is one.

My first niece (4+ yrs), say S1, and my nephew (3+ yrs) , say V1, decided to sleep with me.

S1: Hey V1, since I don’t have a doll to hug me while I sleep, you will be my doll today.

V1: NO!!! I am not a doll, I am not your doll. I am V1.

S1: You are V1, but tonight you are my doll. I want to hug my doll while I sleep.

V1: NO, NO NO. I am not your doll.

S1: Please

V1: NO

If I had let it go, they would have been at it for hours. So I had to separate and put them on either side of me to make them sleep peacefully. I chose to be her doll for some time 🙂 But I appreciate my nephew. He adamantly refused to be my nieces’s doll. She almost crushes her dolls while she hugs them during sleep 😉

My nephew fell down in the stairs and his already broken tooth got a little more broken. It was almost 3 – 4 hrs after that incident, because he went to sleep crying from pain.

When he woke up my second niece (2+ yrs), say S2, came to me.

S2: What happened to V1 ?

Me: He fell down and broke his teeth.

S2: Oh!! hey V1, come here. What happened?

V1: (Crying a little) S2 , I fell down and my tooth got broken and it is paining. Please do something.

S2: Oh is it (full strict doctor mode) Show me your teeth, let me see.

V1 shows her his broken teeth.

S2: Hey, its ok da. Not that bad. Everything will be OK soon. Dont worry. Let us play.

Then they both went together and started playing with angry birds kit that my brother got them that day. When did she become the doctor of the house, I have no idea!!!

When everyone were minding their own business, these three kids were playing on their own. S1, being the eldest took the role of mom and the other two decided that they would play the role of her two kids.

S1: Hey kids, can you please keep quiet. Mommy is still preparing dinner. I will appreciate if you can hold it together till then

S2: OK mom, hey V1, food is not ready yet. We can play till then.

V1: OK. Can we play with the car (the only toy he knows to play with)

S1: OK food is ready , come and sit

V1: S2, come come let us sit and eat.

S2 and V1 create a ruckus and S1 gets annoyed and says

S1: Oh my God, can you please be quiet when you eat at least ? I can not keep shouting (she is the one who doesn’t eat well among all the three actually..what an irony)

S2: OK , hey V1, don’t talk now

V1: Hmm..

We couldn’t but help leave our work and silently watch these kids play and repeat what the elders say to them. Oh God.. I am gonna have a fun week I think 🙂


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