I am not freshly pressed

In one of the recent posts I read by DonCharisma, a particular picture caught my eye. It read ‘Keep Calm and I am not Featured on Freshly Pressed’. It was cool and when I told him so, he offered to add me to the list. I thought, why not. Before I say anything more, let me complete the actual formalities for accepting the same.

a) Here are a set of blogs  (although all of them are already nominated by DonCharisma himself) I would like to nominate for the ‘I’m NOT Featured on Freshly Pressed’ Award.

  1. Harsh Reality – By aopinionatedman. I don’t have to say anything more about him because I got more followers from his website. And his name and tag line says it all 🙂 I always associate his website to a huge coffee shop where there is lot of meet and greet going on always.
  2. The Mirror – By navigator. A man on a mission. To know more about his mission and his soon to be released book (non-fiction) please visit his website.
  3. Shards of Silent – By VicBriggs. A writer drifting through the blogosphere and a Cumberbatch Fan (just like me). Check out her site for her poems and exchange of opinions.
  4. Life in Progress – By LindaGhill. A writer , who also has a fiction blog separately, an observer and a photographer too. Check out her site for her Stream of Consciousness Saturday writing challenge and her ongoing A-Z writing challenge entries which are interesting 🙂

b) As to about ‘Freshly Pressed’, even though I appreciate people getting freshly pressed, I don’t blog with the aim of getting Freshly Pressed and to be honest, I actually don’t care about it, even though that section introduces to me to some nice blog posts from time to time.

c) Thank you Don for giving me this award and an opportunity to display this image in my site. I hope I followed the rules correctly 🙂

Here is the image and I would have to check out my site layout and find a way to add it to the side bar.


8 thoughts on “I am not freshly pressed”

  1. I think the next best thing to being Freshly Pressed is to announce, with an award(!) that you’re not. 😀 Congratulations on NOT being Freshly Pressed and thank you again for thinking of me,and for your very kind words. 😀


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