Thegidi – Interesting Thriller

After a long time I saw a thriller in Tamil today. The movie’s name is Thegidi (a very pure Tamil word for deception). It was a very interesting mystery , crime and thriller drama with no big casting. It starts with the guy Vetri getting a job in a detective agency after his M.A in Criminology. He has a good observation skill which helps him from some tight spots.

He is given assignments to find out details about specific people. And one of them is a girl in his apartment whom he starts to like. But then trouble finds him when the people he had investigated die one by one. All are reported as accidental deaths. He is now confused and when he goes back to find out from the agency about it, it is closed. Now it is upto him to find out who and why and how many are involved and to save his love in the process.

It was executed well, without much heroism and all that jazzy stuff. Simple and down to earth way of execution of the script , with some good music in between. The final action sequence could have been avoided where he had to fight a villain. They have a cliffhanger at the end so I am not sure if there would be a sequel. The hero Ashok Selvan is easy on the eyes as is Janani , the heroine. Jayaprakash is the usual Inspector.

I was surprised by the movie today actually.The premise is a little scary though. I know there are incidents like that in real life going on, but seeing it like this actually increases the fear.

A good movie.

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