Golden Time

I was going through some old photographs and this one is one of my very favorites during my visit to 17 mile drive in Monterey. Because that was the time I had got my new Canon 450D (still the same old camera for me ) and was still learning how to use it and all. And I always, always love sunsets + beaches combination. There is this tree, I might have mentioned somewhere in my earlier posts too, called the Lone Cypress. And inspite of a few people gathered around for shots and trying to get a good position, I did manage to get this one, which  was something I wanted to at that moment. I still don’t know technically if it is a good one, but I love these kinds of shots. And I was very happy when I got one for myself at that time 😀 , not to mention with my new camera.

Here is the colored version of it in all its glory.



When I saw this again, I was wondering if it would look eerie if I converted this to Monochrome , with the tree and the background sun and all that.



What do you think ? I still like the colored version because I am partial to sunsets and the colors of the sky at that time and especially the sort of golden color that comes at that time.

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