Wanna jump in ?



When I saw this, this is what I thought : My first niece (4+ yrs old) would try to jump into the lot and probably get lost and the 2nd one (2+ yrs old) would try ripping each one apart to find her sister 😉

I have never played with a doll , but I wouldn’t mind me-self a big brown teddy bear , the one at the top left 😉

8 thoughts on “Wanna jump in ?”

  1. Oh, boy. A little girl’s dream? I don’t know. My Mom bought me the paper dolls. I did have a doll house but I don’t remember playing with it. I would like to jump into those dolls if I were a little girl.


  2. I am 27 and I have an addiction to stuffed animals.
    I love them, they are soft, will always give you a hug and they are excellent listeners.

    Yep, 4 years ago I couldn’t leave a cute and soft elephant at IKEA! I’m worse than a kid!


    1. 🙂 When my first niece was 2 I took her for some walking and there was this shop with stuffed animals and I was showing her, suddenly she took one teddy bear her size and ran away. Me and the shop keeper had to run after her and eventually I paid for that big teddy, and its still in her doll box. Now you made me think of a little bigger size kid with that comment 😉


      1. I ended up leaving the elephant, but every time I passed one I had to give it a hug. But I got him for christmas, I was happy!

        Always loved them. I’m the only one who gets to buy the first stuffed animal for my new niece that is coming in June… <- should be an official title for that!


  3. I HAVE that big brown bear in the upper left photo! 🙂 He was a gift from a friend years ago (who, sadly, lost a battle with his health soon after).

    I named my bear “Hugo the Hugely Huggable Bear,” and I brought him from the U.S. to Norway when I moved here seven years ago. He was light, but he took up a fairly large shipping box!

    He’d be delighted to offer you a virtual hug.


    1. Oh ! So Lovely 🙂
      I would absolutely love to have a big , even if virtual, hug from “Hugo the Hugely Huggable Bear” Please send him my ({}) (BIG Hug) too.


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