Steve’s Music Mix: Memory, All Alone In The Moonlight…

For this week’s Steve’s Music Mix questions and songs:

I always remember…?   We R Who We R – Ke$ha

There was a time I did forget that and tried to be someone else, but when I got back in track with my life I make sure to always remember that ‘we are who we are’  and unless we accept us for ourselves, we cannot expect others to do the same. Uh!!! got a little too philosophical for my taste….

I always forget…? Collide -Howie Day

No idea about what I should be inferring from this song…..Got any clue? Help me out please 😉

I wish I could forget…? Bad Day – Daniel Powter

Yup, I really really wish I could forget all the Bad Days and only remember the Good old ones. Who doesn’t want that ?

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