My energy level is


FYI: Not the number in the odometer 😉

Can Friday come fast enough please?

8 thoughts on “My energy level is

  1. Give me Friday! I need weekend, but if that comes to fast – I’ll be in the middle of my exams before I know it.. So fast forward until Friday and than a sloooooow weeeeekeeeend.


      1. It’s called a unicornbird. Comes with double horns and a beak.
        I could fall a sleep, so I’m trying a sugar high (and no nicotine…<- sure as hell is not helping!). So far I have finished 7,5 dl of whater, one chocolate bar, a large cookie, some licorice hard candy(half of the bag I guess), a few life savers and 0,5 dl of a Coke..

        Guess what – I could still fall of my chair and sleep under my desk!


        1. Let us not talk about sleep.. I am so half way there and I have so much to do before this weekend even starts with respect to work….
          And you sure are trying VERY hard I see 😉
          Now, I am gonna go and have my cup of hot chai.


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