Painterly by nature ?


This picture was taking during the train ride to Granada from Seville, which was very early in the morning. We saw the sunrise during the train ride. The photograph was taken with my Canon Digital Powershot A2500 HD which was the quickest I could get my hands on. The other one was packed in my backpack and kept up in the luggage rack. It was very misty and with clouds wandering everywhere, it did give a very painterly effect to the whole scene and I am not sure who clicked it (because B and myself were using my camera left, right and center for clicking the pictures) but I hope we got the essence of the scene as it was (especially to take it from the high speed train with that glass which always reflects your camera not to mention your face too).

So , what do you think ? Does it give you the watercolor painting effect ?

4 thoughts on “Painterly by nature ?

  1. Beautiful! I know it’s not easy on those trains. I took several on a train from Germany to Paris and quite a few turned out fuzzy.


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