Who is a better travel companion

During a recent Friday night out with friends and some acquaintances , my friend was telling them about our Spain trip to other (women actually) and this was the question that came up. (Even before I put  the question here is a fyi: We were four friends who went on that tour and among them two were men and two women, including me, and we are no more than friends, strictly)

How boring is it to go on such a long trip with 2 people from each gender and who doesn’t have any interest in each other ? 

My friend, that idiot, directed that question to me knowing I will groan at such questions. I was like…’what the hell people’. They then modified it a little bit for me.

Going on a tour to a out of country and some exotic places with someone not as a couple , where is the fun in that…

Why should everything about a man and a woman be always seen with some pink or rather blue colored glasses. Why can’t friends go together and enjoy. We didn’t plan it so that we will be 2 of each gender each. It just happened that way. I have been on tours with just those guys too and I have been on tours alone also. I have enjoyed all of them and had fun in all the trips. Its more about sharing the joy of the interest that we have in common. Its as simple as that. I am so not going into the discussion whether a man and a woman can be just friends , because I honestly don’t know. All I know is I am a good friend for those people irrespective of their gender or sexuality. And I have been treated as such too. I don’t make friends so easily. It takes years. These people I know , I have known them for almost more than half a decade and some for a decade even.

I have never been anywhere with my ex-husband, so I don’t know what it is like to travel with your partner or someone you are in love with. And yes, I have felt that feeling where I feel like may be I should come to a place with someone I love in future, if that ever happens, especially when you are travelling alone. That is natural. Some places have that kind of effect on you. That doesn’t mean that going with friends makes it any less worthwhile. Especially with friends who know you better. Know when to you leave you alone, when to pester you to come out of your shell, when to make fun of you and when to take you seriously. What is the point in travelling with someone who doesn’t share your interest in places and travel in general. I will take travelling alone or with friends anytime rather than go with such people (and my ex was one such person. I am glad I didn’t get to travel with him ever). Not only these people, I know everywhere we were considered as two couples and it is weird that the hotel reservations, even though we did it in advance, the rooms were given to us as a couple. Funny thing is that the couple got changed in every hotel. They didn’t even ask us who were staying together. They just assumed. We were like ‘whatever !!!’ I know its not easy to break the perception or the mold, but just don’t ask me that question please.

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