What goes around

Yesterday while driving back from the yoga class, we hear the recent song by Will.I.Am and Cody Wise , ‘Its my Birthday‘. And immediately we knew which Indian song it was ‘inspired’ from (I know that this song has come in Hindi, Tamil & Telugu) . It’s called ‘Urvasi Urvasi‘ from the ‘Indian Michael Jackson – Prabhudeva’s ‘ first debut movie as a hero, Kadhalan, and this song was a super duper hit at that time. All youngsters knew this song by heart.

When that movie had come, every one mentioned that this tune was inspired by some other Western / Arabic song (I have no clue as to which one it is till date). Now it has inspired a Western song. Well, what goes around…. But this doesn’t have to a national news now does it ?   There are always ‘inspirations’ going on in the music industry.

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