WPC: Split Second Story

For this week’s photo challenge: Split Second Story

Am going with two entries. First one: This was taken in Segovia, while on the way to the Aqueduct. The contrast between the two women (going with the assumption that the statue is in most parts woman) in this picture struck me a little different. I am not sure if this qualifies, but this is the best I could do.


Second one: An era gone by. How I would love to go back to an age where I can just relax and read a book like the one in the picture. I love rocking chairs, which are now replaced with recliners and books , with e-readers.


5 thoughts on “WPC: Split Second Story”

  1. I loved the pic of Segovia and the contrast….I was in Segovia in June 2012. Its a beautiful place with the famous Aqueduct and the castle. Loved the view from the top of the castle. Thanks for sharing. Do check my challenge’s photo and other blogs. Thanks dear


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