Office Space – Funny,Realisitic,Fictitious

Continuing with the movies I had got from my friend, here is the first one for this weekend. Office Space – I was told that this would crack me up and sure it did 🙂 The best part, the rap song at the end of the movie. Totally cool.

It was taken in 1999 during the big Internet Boom or Bam (how ever you want to see it), but it totally applies to the current time frame too. If you are in IT field and if you are a Software Engineer and you do that ‘job’ in and out every day, irrespective of whether that is what you wanted to do or not but you just have to do it (unless you find something better or forced to find something better), you will get this movie , very well in fact.

There are lot of glitches in the movie with respect to the screenplay and even the story line (would they even have someone in a payroll even after they are fired ? Well payroll is the first department that gets intimated if someone is let off actually aren’t they ? – that was the major one and there are lot of small small stuff… if you are in that environment, at least with all the technology now available, you would find those holes , but who knows how it was earlier) but its a fiction , a little bit close to reality too and with some tongue in cheek lines, what is there not to like.

Especially the scene with the printer, God!!! I had one of those moments recently when it stopped working. I really really wanted to pound it so hard that day. We would have seen those comedy clips where people pound their laptops, their desktops etc out of frustration. I don’t know if it really happens, but it does happen in our heads and our imagination when things doesn’t happen the way we want it to , at work I mean. And it is easy to take it out on a inanimate and non-living object isn’t. I have known to talk to the screen when things don’t work asking it what its problem is, trust me, it feels so good at times and I ain’t ashamed of it 😉 And having more than one boss to report to, don’t even get me started.

Seeing the same things that I go through every day, in a movie should have been a put off, but it was pretty funny to see it with some comedy glasses on. But I believe in what Joanna says at the end, “Peter, most people don’t like their jobs. But you go out there and find something that makes you happy.”  I don’t hate my job but I do have my bad days. But then I manage to thrive on those good days to make me feel better.

It was fun watching this movie 🙂


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