That thin line…

I don’t remember what made me angry, but there I was trying to control the venom that I might spew if I happen to open my mouth and looking down at those two and thinking how to say something without yelling. It is very rare that I get such bouts of anger where I have to make so much effort to not go off the grid. That has happened only almost 5-6 times so far in my life and those times I have lost that person forever (philosophically that is) and have never regretted that too. And here I am on the verge and they are scurrying in the room and trying to make excuses I am not able to digest and wondering if this is the time I want them to be out of my life. If so then I better let my anger out. Just when I am contemplating and thought I had come to a decision, I get a phone call. Gee!!! What a timing and who would call me at this time and for what!!! Fuming, I pick it up and see the name and get some additional irritation. It is my manager. He says, ‘Hello’. ‘Yeah?’, I ask him. He is used to me not saying hello and going straight to the point. ‘Are you awake?’ , he asks. I am suddenly confused and say ‘No , not yet’. He mumbles ‘OK, then will catch you later , bye’ and ends the call. I look at it and put it down and turn back to those two. And then it strikes me, ‘wait ! what!!! Why should I be awake ?’ and I jerk up in my bed fumbling for my phone only to see that there indeed was a call from my manager 😦 Aw! Shucks!!! 

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