Portable Magic – That (Twi)Light that shone bright…once

Yesterday’s post on my introduction to Fantasy was a little too intense for me, so I thought I will remember something that is light today, even though I wanted to write about some other genre that I was introduced, but thought of postponing it for a day or two.

One day, I was there in my Uncle’s house (who is also a book fanatic and he has encouraged his daughter to read , a lot) and his daughter had this book called ‘Twilight‘. Have you seen the cover of that book? It is so intriguing, well, as intriguing as an apple can be. But still, the blurb was something that interested me. I have not read any paranormal romance till then. Classical Romance with Mr Darcy, well, that is the ever lasting thing right. And it is slow, steady, dreamy etc etc.  And there is no doubt that as a woman I love ‘Pride & Prejudice’.  That was between humans: heads butting, witty comments flowing, regrets and make ups and all that. But what romance can be there between a vampire and a human? Will that be any good ?  Never get me curious about anything. My head spins till I at least know a little about it. So I borrowed that book from her. She was obviously a teenager and she had already moved on to other books (she is also a Jeffery Archer fan, hard core).

I should say, I was in for a surprise. OK, yes, Edward was the epitome of ‘The perfect boyfriend Vampire boyfriend’. And this girl Bella, in her prime teen is head over heels in love with a Vampire. I know my niece (uncle’s daughter) was going gaga over Edward when I told her that he was too good. But honestly, if that was a real life situation, I may not be screaming my head off running in the opposite direction, but I would know, that for all practical purposes, it is really a bad idea to fall in love with a vampire. And I know love can be blind sometimes, really. I have been there , done that. But even then I ain’t that stupid. But then why does Bella’s love for this vampire enamor me ? Because it’s someone else’s story and more over it is a fantasy and a fiction. That surrealism was what hooked me to this book. The fact that a paranormal creature like a Vampire or a WereWolf can fall head over heels with a human and that the human can reciprocate it, and that love is transcendent…what is there not to like.

If you ask me, I thought Bella was very irritating, may be because I did not remember being ‘that’ 16 year old. May be because I did not get to read a story like Twilight in my teen times so as to have an Edward to dream of. Jealous much? May be a little. So once I got this one completed, I got the other books along with this book for myself. Yeah, I have those books with me. These books gave me a rush. All that romance, the angst, the fights, the werewolves, the vampires, the love, the lust – well, as a 30+ year old I was like ‘wow!!! are these for real?’ And yes, I promptly passed it on to my friends, who for some reason liked it. Thank God, I wasn’t alone in this insanity 😉 But again, I felt that only the first book was good and very captivating. The rest were very average. And please don’t even talk to me about these movies. I simply hate them.

If the book is good, I have this habit of conjuring images of those involved in my mind and associating them with voices. That is the main reason I don’t go for audio books. I don’t want anyone corrupting that. And I had this lovely image of Edward and , for some damn reason, Bella too in my mind. But the movies spoiled it for me. Who on earth thought of putting that guy Robert Pattinson for that role and why doesn’t a vampire have a fang. That is their specialty for god’s sake. And the twinkling diamonds….OK, I am not discussing those movies. Gets me all riled up. Coming back to the books. One of my friend who hasn’t read the book watched the movie and was like, ‘ what kind of crap is that ? ‘ He was going on and on about how pathetic all the movies in the series were. I told him ‘that he was judging a series by the movies and those movies were one of the worst adapted series ever I have seen’. He was like ‘You like Twilight series, are you insane ? I thought you were smarter than that’. OK, that did it. You have no idea, how many times we have fought over this series. I know these guys who fight with me over this series are secretly hating Edward because all women go gaga over him. Because it was one woman’s fantasy of her perfect guy. What these guys don’t understand is that it is just that. It is a fantasy. What is wrong with that ? What is wrong is to expect your man to be that perfect. To bring that fantasy into our real lives, that is what is messed up. Not all women like Twilight. I know quite a few who hate that series. But it also doesn’t mean who read it are stupid. I don’t like all the books, but that doesn’t stop me from reading it and completing that series.  They can’t digest that I can like ‘Crime and Punishment’ as well as ‘Twilight’. But sadly, that is the only paranormal fantasy romance I have ever read. I haven’t tried any other paranormal romance yet. Because most of them are a series and I don’t think I can handle that. Romance is good. Paranormal is intriguing. Paranormal romance is bewitching but I think that it will be a one time affair for me.

27 thoughts on “Portable Magic – That (Twi)Light that shone bright…once”

  1. I’ve read the Twilight series. My niece insisted I do, and since I was writing a young adult novel, it made sense. I thought Bella was a very two-dimensional character, not worthy of either Edward or Jacob. Just saying.
    But yes, it does server a purpose and that purpose is that suspend reality and give people what they want – the happily ever after. I don’t care too much for that though.


    1. I have to agree with you there on Bella. That is the reason I liked the first book more than the rest. She was sort of convoluted in the rest. In some I really wanted to slap her 🙂


      1. I watched the first movie and got about 30 minutes into the second one before I turned it off. Haven’t seen the other ones. The movie actually brings out the worst of the books. But still made them all extremely rich.


        1. Yeah, that is the sad part. Except for Ashley Green playing Alice I did not like any other actors in that..And the movie’s screenplay was pathetic. I did not waste my money on those. I did watch them but when it was available freely on TV with the option of switching to other channels when I couldn’t bear it.


  2. So true! I loved the first part immensely, purely because of the romance which was written really well. It can almost make you visualize the tension, nervousness, omg I’m in love feeling. but the movie was bad, Bella looked half drugged and groggy most times.

    On second thoughts, Edward was the perfect boyfriend saving his damsel in distress act, mysterious and the Oh!so charming smile that would make your insides melt, but Robert Pattinson? Nah! He lacked it, all the feelings that he was supposed to ignite, by a very long shot!

    Casting was pathetic, apart from Alice. How on earth did Nikki Read(thanks to google),potray Rosalie? Rosalie, as per the book was supposed to look breath taking beautiful!


    1. Yeah…. Rosalie.. hmmm!!! Thank God I have one more person who doesn’t like Robert Pattinson. Some women think I am crazy to not like him. I can hardly stand him. He was OK looking in HP.

      Yes, the first book has it all doesn’t it 🙂


      1. True, in HP as Cedric Diggory he was fine since, the movie is all about harry potter! 😀

        The first book makes you want to fall in love 😛 😉


          1. i am there, but true its a lot of work especially if its long distance and since my boyfriend believes that its okay to talk once in a while for 5 minutes (once in a while meaning once a week, which is still rare) 😦


                1. I think OneRepublic sang the song (my next post posted even before I saw your first comment today) for just people like us 😉 “Keep running till love runs out”


  3. Nr.1 – Edward was waaay hotter in my head. (Or the movie played in my head whilst reading was waaaay better than the movie anyways..).. Pattison just didn’t fit the part!
    Nr.2 – The only book out of the ones in the series that I liked was actually the last one.

    The movies kind of ruined the books for meg. But Hungergames I actually had to see the first movie and than read the books… Don’t know why, but that was just an easier thing at that point.

    Yes, I do read a lot of weir YA books.. I admit it!


    1. Agree with #1 that is the exact reason I hated Robert Pattinson 🙂

      First person I am hearing who liked the last book 🙂 I am not sure if you read the unpublished and incomplete book which was the first one but from Edward’s perspective. That was way better than the current first book even. It was called the Midnight Sun.

      Hunger Games, I decided not to read the book, because I sort of saw the movies (both of them already) and wasn’t that impressed.

      And yes, I do read a lot of YA books myself. And some of them are just too good.


      1. I didn’t read Midnight Sun, and I do feel that Twilight is now a bit in the past for me.

        I guess I read the YA books because they are easy to read and finish quick. Even if I did have thing for Robert Langdon (Dan Brown) until I started reading the last book Inferno – the book has destroyed Langdon for ever now. I’m not even halfway through the book and I’m thinking about giving it up, and I suffer from the illness “must-finish-book-even-if-it-is-crap-!”.


        1. 🙂 I think the only Robert Langdon books that really held interest for me were Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. The rest were very very average. And I did the mistake of pre ordering Inferno and was totally disappointed. And yes, I did complete it may be because I have the same illness.


          1. Is there a cure? Please tell me there is a cure!

            Since I am suffering trough Inferno, I’m looking for some easy YA books to read. Read most of Gwen Hayes (housewife porn almost) and Carly Syms books, but they keep on repeating the same thing over and over kind off, same feeling I had with Dan Brown. They should stop milking the cow before the milk goes sour!


            1. I don’t know about the cure 🙂
              One of recent YA book I really loved and am looking forward for the movie is ‘The Fault in our Stars’. It was different.


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