Trailer Rant

I am so tired of having to watch this trailer of Transformers 4 Age of Extinction, again and again. Why!!! Why do they force me like this. I had to see it when I was in the theater watching some other movie and YouTube shows me this whenever I try to load some video. I Don’t Like Transformers series 😥
The first time someone took me to the first movie in that series, as a surprise mind you, I had such a severe headache and I really really wished I was a violent person. I just couldn’t bear it. And I did not watch any other sequels of that. And last week one of my friend suggested that we go to this because her son wanted to see it, I almost shrieked and told her that I just can’t do that even if she questions my friendship and I have had been to some very very dumb and stupid movies with her. One of my friend was saying that he was seriously considering to un-friend all his friends from his Facebook account who praised this movie and asked him if he was going to watch it. And the sad part is I like Mark Wahlberg and felt really very bad that he is in this movie.

The other movie which keeps playing in the trailers is ‘Guardians of the Galaxy‘. How many times the Avengers and all super heroes are going to get together to save the Earth, oops sorry this time it is the Galaxy. Oh God!!! Don’t they get tired of saving the Earth, the Universe, the Galaxy, the Milky Way all those things. I liked it when it was just Superman, Spiderman (to some extent), Batman but now there are quite a bunch of people half of whom I don’t know and I don’t want to also. The more the crowd the lesser each one’s importance isn’t. I am not able to concentrate on one super hero/heroine now. Too much heroism going on, I can barely understand. I am so not eager to watch this too. I really hope they do end up saving the Galaxy and stop there and not continue with something else beyond it. I know lot of people like it and its cool and fine but again too much for me.

Having said all of this, even though I am particularly not really happy to see a sequel to it, I am kind of expecting ‘Dawn of the Planet of the Apes‘. Yeah sort of weird isn’t. And the only one reason I can say is that I like animals and one particular Caesar in this , so much that I am ready to watch this when it comes in theaters. I loved the first one (not the old one, but the Rise of the Planet of the Apes) and Caesar’s acting in that. I had tears in some scenes. Too good. OK, time to sign off the rant and the day. Good night.

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