On Repeat

This video, forwarded by my friend, makes me laugh every single time. My dad used to tell me all about juke boxes in his time in Chennai where he would play old English classics with his friends.

It also reminds of a similar incident that happened in my office. I have a very close friend who has this habit of listening to a song, after it has become out of touch, i.e. to say that she would like it almost after 5 years since that movie / song was released. And she maintains that habit till now. This incident happened almost 5 years ago, if I am not wrong. There was this Tamil movie ‘Pithamagan’ and it has a very beautiful melody in that ‘Illangaathu‘. That was a hit at that time. But almost 3-4 years after the song had come and gone, she found out that this song was awesome and decided to play it without the headphones in office. I was sitting right opposite to her and two of our other friends on either side of the cubicle and since we all know each other for quite some time , even though the other two are not Tamilians, they are used to our quirks so they wouldn’t mind if she played it a little louder. But that day she decided that she just loved that song and she had it on repeat. And this started at around 10 am in the morning. And by afternoon, even though I know the song by heart, I was getting a little uncomfortable and thought that before we break for lunch she would give it up. But nope, it got played on and on. And after lunch, I thought that she would definitely switch to some other song at least now and as soon as she started playing the same song again, I just couldn’t resist. I got up  (there was a separator between us) and was about to beg her to change it but then saw that she had her eyes closed and she was enjoying that song with utmost sincerity that I have ever seen in her. I couldn’t help but laugh out loud. I didn’t know what to say. The guy next to her looked at me and was like ‘hey, at least you know what the song is all about, I don’t even know the language and I am listening to it for the whole day now’. Poor guy. We couldn’t hold it in after that. We almost woke her up and laughed for quite some time and begged her to please please consider the poor souls next to her. Even now, if she asks me for a particular song in a movie and as soon as she says that she loved it, I know, just know that it will be played non-stop in her playlist. Thank God she is in a different floor now. 

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