The Fault in Our Stars – Movie

If you had read my view on the book ‘The Fault in Our Stars‘, you would know that I absolutely loved that book so much so that I had a post on its after effects too. So here I was sitting on a Sunday afternoon with the sinus blocking my breathing and was thinking if I should be going to this movie alone or wait and plan it with friends. Then me thinks, watching this movie will probably lead to shedding some tears and that might be of some help to my sinus blocked nose today right ? and I wouldn’t have to be embarrassed about it in front of my friends (who would take that chance to mock me for life). So I went ahead to the nearby mall and there were enough tickets available for the afternoon show.

The first thing that I saw in that theater was, the majority of the audience were girls, young and vibrant and full of life talking non stop about the book and with giggles. I was like ‘was this a wise decision after all?’ It wasn’t full, which is a sad thing, but whatever was filled was mostly by youngsters (not including me) and a few couples, who I saw were getting the tickets because there weren’t any available for their movie of choice so they chose this. I don’t know how this movie is for someone who hasn’t read the book, but for someone who has, I just loved the screenplay. It was crisp and had all the important ingredients, except may be the dialogue about ‘the fault in our stars’. As soon as a young girl sat beside me she turned to her friend (another young girl) and said ‘I am so not going to cry for this movie, you see’. There is no point going over the story here because it is already there in the book or from my other post (if you are not inclined to read the book) but that girl Hazel performed by Shailene Woodley, wow, she has a great screen presence and it was difficult to look at others when she is there. She was just too good and brings the Hazel from the book perfectly onto the screen. Gus performed by Ansel Elgort, was a tad too innocent and young from that of my imaginative Gus, but was a perfect complement to the Hazel of this movie. A very lovely pair and beautiful acting too. But hands down, the movie belongs to Shailene Woodley no doubt. She is an amazing performer.

The book and the movie has scenes where the dialogues are humorous, which means you feel the lines and they bring out a smile in you and you don’t necessarily will feel like laughing out loud or worse giggle. That was my biggest problem in the theater. The girls were giggling for those lines. They weren’t essentially comical to bring out that much giggle. Or have I become too much of a grown up to not giggle for the humor. I don’t know. And there was this a-hole sitting just below me who was talking on the phone interrupting us. I felt like giving a kick to the seat. It was so irritating. Such bad manners for a grown up. And thankfully he left after the interval. And no points for guessing if the girl next to me cried at the end or not. Obviously she cried. The last 10 mins were so intense that I heard lot of sniffling around me (and including me… I had to blink so much and so hard to not allow the tears to fall and my sinus decided to unblock at that time , which indeed was my intention, and had some running nose by the end which at the end led to everyone else thinking that I have been crying…well, that is life) As far as the adaptation goes, it was done very well and stayed true to the original story. But just like the story, the movie doesn’t leave you feeling sad, it leaves you feeling hopeful. 


5 thoughts on “The Fault in Our Stars – Movie”

  1. Somehow I feel like the movie interpretation of books don’t do enough justice to the books. Hence, I refrained from the tug that my heart gives when I look at the poster since the book was an absolute bliss, so emotional and beautiful but post your review I’m definitely going to watch the movie. 🙂


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