Shadowing the Eiffel Tower


Yesterday night, I was toying with my camera and thought of trying out one of my favorite past times with photography- shadows and images with light/candle. I had this small pocket light with which I was trying out shadows of various objects but the one that I really wanted to capture was that of this Eiffel Tower’s which I had got from Paris. I had first taken the below one, then realized that the word Paris wasn’t shown even though it had the shadow a little more clear with the meshes in it. So changed the focus a little bit and took the above one.
Which one looks better, if at all?



6 thoughts on “Shadowing the Eiffel Tower”

  1. I do like the focus of the first image, but the second image gives it a more dreamy, almost realistic look. And I like the blue background!


    1. Thank you Cindi. I wasn’t sure about the blue background ( my wall ) when I took the photo but when I saw it on screen I liked it too.


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