I am swearing off this sport

After extra time and some more, finally one goal and it wasn’t my team. Butterflying hell. Every time those men in white had the ball in their control, I had a slight palpitation. Its 3.10 am and I don’t think I will be making it to work tomorrow morning my usual time. It really sucks 😦 God!!! But these men in blue missed so much opportunities. My pillow had to the bear the brunt of my frustration. Oh Messi, why did it become so messy !!! (I know this sounds terrible, but I am slightly sore loser). But I should say the Germans did a fine job. Kudos to you guys (even if given with grunts)  and to all who were cheering for them.

I am pretty sure that after this I am not going to watch football ever. God! the amount of physical abuse that goes on in this game. Too much for my comfort. I just couldn’t handle it. Why do they have to get hurt or get hit or hit someone like that even though some were genuine. And all those headbutting. I felt the pain. Nope. Can’t handle it. Earlier I did say that I am better off without sports because of the way I handle it, but this sport has too much heat and hurt that my simple and mostly unused brain and overly used heart can’t get around to. And to put so much pressure on one guy, poor poor Messi.

Adios and Farewell Football.

6 thoughts on “I am swearing off this sport”

  1. I went through all those emotions of ‘suffering’ and ‘pain’ after watching the game…
    And it’s 04:00 here, so I guess no school tomorrow… But still, I feel that waking up all night was of no worth… 😦


  2. Not going to say I told you Germany would win. That wouldn’t be right. Messi had his chances and missed them; as he has done a lot this year unlike other years. Had this world cup been last year, he would have carried Argentina to glory. The Germans were just too strong as a unit.


    1. 🙄 (in case the icon doesn’t show up correctly, that would be an eye roll) Very subtle.
      Yes, Messi missed his chances and it was so so bad that I literally yelled into the night.


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