WPC: Summer Lovin’

For this week’s photography challenge: Summer Lovin’

“I don’t feel like getting out from this small piece of heaven. Go away” (Taken in Bannerghatta Zoo during the Jeep Safari during the peak summer season)


“Me too. Its just so nice to be in the water” (Almost at the end of the summer season in Goa)


“Ooooh!!! Its summer and I can eat those ice creams from time to time without any excuses and my sinus agrees to it too” (Yup, my favorite summer treat)


7 thoughts on “WPC: Summer Lovin’”

    1. He is. And was sort of pissed off at people coming to the safari. Guess the heat got to him. But after some time he came very close to the jeep, much to our wonder.


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