Letting go

The context of this post is something I started last week, but never got around to completing it. It was also a reason for my yoga based post for yesterday’s SoCS prompt. I have never been good at meditation. I have come close to calming down a couple of times, but have realized that I can never completely empty my mind. I dread to think what will happen if that ever happens 🙂 The reason being that I cannot let go. I am not a control freak even though I expect a little discipline in things I am involved in. But other than that I have become a little chilled out (than what I was much earlier) thanks to the mellowness that comes with age (or rather the acceptance that I cannot change or control everything in life). My thoughts travel so fast in all directions and I can think of too many things that I switch between context’s even before I can complete one train of thought. My friends know how I speak out of context suddenly (that happened today too) without any preamble and then I have to trace back to the actual point of the switch of my thoughts. Letting go of the thoughts or emotions and to go with the flow is something I am not good at all. I have never been and I am not sure how I will fair in my older age. While talking about it to my friend today on the way back from our brunch (photos will come later), I realized that more than letting go I am afraid that I would have to restart and trust me I have done my share of restarts in life and it is not that easy. But then life never is.

OK, that got a little too deep and emotional. Lets move on. I realized while writing the post, that I know of 4 different songs titled “Let * go ”  with 4 different contexts, even though at the end it all boils down this

Some of us think holding on makes us strong, but sometimes it is letting go. – Herman Hesse


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