Perched on top

This photograph of the peacock standing on the top of a room was taken in Thiruvannamalai in Ramana Maharshi Ashram. There were quite a few peacocks (colored and white) in the ashram when we visited it.


I played with this photograph to add some effect to it and this resulting photograph is the one I was happy with. I used a online free tool ‘Be Funky‘ . The effected added to the photograph was called sunburst. I liked how it now looks more or less like a painting.  What do you think ?


8 thoughts on “Perched on top”

  1. A great picture. I like both of them, but the effect of the sunburst brightens the whole picture. The other thing I like about this is seeing the peacock ON something. Almost every peacock I’ve ever seen was on the ground. This pose is really nice!


    1. Thank you for those kind words Deborah 🙂 This is the only picture of a peacock I have that is on something as you have mentioned. The rest of them (white ones) are on the ground.


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