I am coming home

When my sister in law called up, I was surprised to hear my niece’s voice in the phone. I didn’t even get a hello before I heard the question about when I was coming home to them. Seems like she misunderstood my message to her the other day when I said that I will be visiting her next week. She has been pestering my sister in law daily after her school demanding why I wasn’t there yet. Hence the phone call to let her know about my plans and convince her that her mom wasn’t lying to her. Oh dear!

The same happened with my nephew who has been asking my mom ( his grandma ) if she wants to join him in his visit to my place since I am busy working and not visiting them. When I spoke to him last he was like “don’t worry we are coming there”. It’s been a couple of months since I saw them what with work getting tighter by the day. But I already had applied leave for an additional day next week to visit them over the Independence Day long weekend. I am so excited to see them as they are to see me. I just wish that I am able to wrap up my work so that it doesn’t get spilled over the holidays. Just another week and they will be in my arms.

8 thoughts on “I am coming home”

    1. Yeah. They always make me feel better about myself. I must have done something very right in my life to have them. And my niece and my brother are already making plans for a outdoor trip 🙂


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