Guardians of the Galaxy

When my friends wanted to see this movie Guardians of the Galaxy‘ I wasn’t sure if I would like it. I am not a great fan of comics (haven’t read any). Even though I like Superman, Spiderman (only the first 2 movies and haven’t seen the rest yet) and Batman (watched all of them) I wasn’t sure if I would enjoy this movie without watching all the other such movies like Avengers, Thor etc. But they sort of convinced me that I would enjoy it no matter what and that it had great reviews. He booked for all of us in IMAX , the costliest 3D one before we could even voice our protest and we were sort of forced to watch it in that big screen with good visual effects. And I should say, it was worth the money. I was really very surprised by the movie. I am not going into the story here because  it is better written in the Wikipedia anyways. Even though it did start of a little serious, as soon as Chris Pratt enters the scene with the small mixtape player and the 80’s songs playing in it, it gets interesting. The humor through out had me smiling and some times out right laughing out loud. That is the biggest positive thing in this movie for me. Most of the times it is very subtle but some times it is just the small visual clue.

I don’t watch any series in TV , I don’t even switch on the TV most of the times and this is the first time I am hearing of Chris Pratt. He is quite good and I liked him. The first time he says ‘I am Star Lord’ and the other Ravager says ‘who’ and the way he rolls his eyes and the same guy at the end when he sees him and says ‘Star Lord’, this guy looks so relieved and says ‘finally’. It was really good. Fun and flirty.

And the Raccoon. Oh my god. I loved that cute guy. And perfect voice by Bradley Cooper. The frustration, the fun…just loved it. Vin Diesel as Groot saying  ‘I am groot’ in different tones to match the situation was pretty cool. All the people who were involved did a very good job and the special effects were also very good. I usually get headaches after watching a 3D movie and this was no exception. The glasses doesn’t suit me for a long time. But unlike some movies where the 3D doesn’t add any value add, this one did sort of made me feel as if I was there. (Side note: Saw the ‘The Hobbit -3’ trailer in IMAX 3D and it was so amazing. I am so watching that movie in IMAX 3D only). My friend did fill me in on the other movies which were remotely related to it (with respect to the infinity stones and Thanos). Overall a fun and entertaining movie.

2 thoughts on “Guardians of the Galaxy

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy was very well done. Since it takes place across the galaxy from Earth, if no one was on hand to explain who Thanos was, it wouldn’t be all that big a deal.

    A great blend of humor and action, with wonderful characters.


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