Cosmic Musicology Test: Shame, Shame, I Know Your Name…

Once again, the ‘Cosmic Musicology Test‘ by Steve. Here are this week’s questions and my playlist answers.

I’m so proud of…?  

Dance with me tonight – Olly Murs

Yeah, there was this time when we had a house party at a friends place and guess what I did a dance number. I never ever dance if you don’t count my Zumba classes, before anyone else. Only my nieces and my house walls are privy to that disastrous attempts.  But I sort of morphed my dance to try a Zumba number and I am really proud that I did it. Yay!

I’m so ashamed of…?

Bottoms up – Brantley Gilbert

I think the songs are getting repeated, well, whatever. I am not exactly ashamed of doing bottoms up because that is the only way I know to  🙂 Trust me, I just can’t hold my drink. I sort of finish it like I drink water and hence my resistance to go beyond the first glass.

My guilty pleasure is…?

Every night – Imagine Dragons

Huh? OK. Let me try. My guilty pleasure is to go home and read a romance book (especially when the work is tough) every night. Is that even a guilty pleasure ?


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