Some random updates

  • As I already posted in my AWAW: Create post this week beginning, I got a new Canon 70D last Friday and am yet to find time to play with it and explore it more. But imagine my surprise when my Zumba instructor pinged me to help her out with some of the class photographs to use it for her FB page. She liked the earlier ones I did for learning purposes and it felt so nice when she used one of her’s in monochrome as her profile picture, which was my favorite of the lot too.  Felt really good to be appreciated for something I did even if it was just for fun. And with the new camera, I did take some yesterday and she was happy with those too. One of them will be going to her FB page it seems. Yay!!! But I really wish I could spend more time with it
  • Work is sort of crazy right now and my holiday is gonna be spoiled with the work in between but I still get to be with my nieces and nephew so that would make it up. I have to remember to collect my dues from my boss as compensatory off later (and I already have decided the dates 😉 ) 
  • Even in spite of the crazy work, I ended up watching a lot of Robin William’s videos and blog posts. RIP Mr Williams. Somehow I ended up remembering this song when I heard of his demise: ‘Only human‘ by Christina Perri.
  • I haven’t heard much of old English music because I started listening to it much later in my life, but I did like the tracks in Guardians of the Galaxy. If you wanna hear it , you can check out the Grooveshark’s link here  for that ‘Awesome Mix Vol 1’ playlist.
  • I hope I will be able to keep track of the posts till this weekend, but I am not very sure. So I may (or not) go MIA from my blog (and test my resistance level to it). Here is to a bright day and lovely weekend for all of you. Take care and stay safe and keep smiling.



7 thoughts on “Some random updates”

    1. 🙂 Yeah…There is always a phase like this every year with the work pressure increasing. Hopefully I will be taking a break in a month or two again.


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