What did I do ?

Do you see a pattern between these two pictures ? The first one was taken in Wayanad during our last year’s trip and the other one was taken in Dhanushkodi early this year. But this is no different from the look the cat in my apartment gives me. Or is it a universal look ? I admit that I haven’t been close to any cats. I had a dog once and my friend’s dog is very friendly with me, in fact almost all dogs, even the street ones are. But cats, its another story. They seem to have a aversion to me , at least that is how I feel from the looks they give me.



When I thought that I saw the end of them knocking at my door at mid nights, they proved me wrong. Or may be I am not hearing them because I have been closing the room doors at night because of the cold. They are still trying to get in I think. I have been hearing them again scratching at my door. Since I have closed the gaps with a cloth they really can’t get in and give me a scare in the mornings. But still they try. Damn their tenacious nature. I wish I had that in me. And they are so adamant that they want only my home. What did I do to you oh Cats ? Was I cruel to you in my previous birth ? Why Oh Why!!! When will you give up on me ?

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