And the winner is

Encountered a weird contest this morning. I was a little sleep deprived, thanks to the work, some personal stuff and also the cramps (workout’s taking effect) and was waking up one too many times in between. And I was so tired that I had half a mind to skip my work out today morning, in the middle of the night. So when the alarm went off at 5.45 am, I don’t remember switching that off except for the fact that I was there telling to myself looking at me lying in the bed that the alarm is totally faking it and that it isn’t almost 6 yet and that I should be getting back to my sleep. I looked up and for a second I was wondering what was happening and how can an alarm fake the time for god sake. And I am about to check it out that I hear myself telling me that its so cold and dark outside and if I didn’t believe it, I can go and see for myself blah blah blah. I was so confused for a few mins. I was half awake and yet half asleep. It was like one part of me (the demonic side I guess) wants me to take my thought of skipping the work out seriously and really really skip it but there was one part of me (may be not the angelic side but a practical side) which was wondering how a alarm can fake a time and seeing myself talking to me wasn’t all that right from any angle. After a few mins of this struggle , mostly internal, I really woke up and saw the time as 6.10 am. Sat in my bed for a few minutes to gather my thoughts wondering what the hell really happened and then got ready for my class. I know for sure, I don’t want myself to see me (is that how I should write it ?)  any way and any how (like using that time machine and stuff) because it is so weird and so confusing. The only place I would really like myself to see me is in the mirror, thank you very much. But yeah, I am glad at least the practical side me won the contest, irrespective of the fact that I ended up getting more cramped in my legs. 

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